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Apr 7


everyone always talk about warehouse 13’s better than average use of poc and lgbt characters and the bechdel test, but we never talk about the real issue. animal equality.










Apr 7


i love not being straight 

Apr 7

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Apr 6


reading shitty fic cause you’re so thirsty you’ll accept anything


Apr 6

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Apr 6


(in which Emma barely ever calls Regina) (okay maybe sometimes) (whatever they’re fighting a wicked witch it’s important that they keep in touch)

First it’s all about Zelena. “We checked the woods,” she reports back to Regina. “Nothing. Well, just a flying monkey,” she amends, and Hook smirks for a minute like he’s going to make another smarmy comment about it but rethinks it at her glare.

"Stay safe," Regina says, because apparently they’ve become the kind of ex-nemeses who tell each other be careful and stay safe and you okay?. Emma grins and hangs up and calls Regina again ten minutes later to touch base on Regina’s inspection of the witch’s house.

Then it’s still about Zelena, and Emma knows that Regina would want to hear any theories she has. Because of Henry, Henry needs to be safe and they need to make sure they’re not missing anything. Even if it’s one AM and Regina sounds like she wants to murder whoever’s on the phone. “Emma,” she finally rumbles, and it’s a defeated sigh. “Why does it matter what turned her green? You sent Henry out with an oversized cricket yesterday and never questioned that.”

"I wanted to know what you thought," Emma protests, and it’s a little feeble but Regina is sighing over the phone line again and now she can’t stop smirking. And Regina talks to her even though it’s one in the morning. And then two. And then three.

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Apr 6


I’ve never watched an episode of Game of Thrones in my life and even I know that you don’t fuck with the blonde dragon lady.

Apr 6


The two main couples of the show have been shown waking up in mirrored situations. So has been swan queen.

That’s because this show has three main couples…only 2 are canon right now but this entire show is about the 3rd becoming canon.  It’s like watching How I Met Your Mother: Fairy-Tale Version.

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Apr 6
"I think that in all life, there are the people who are right
for you and there are the people who are wrong for you, and
then there
are the people you just c h o o s e." - Edward Kitsis

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Apr 4

Greetings from Crete


I just wanted a gifset of all three… (x,x,x)




Sometimes Princess Bubblegum’s skin-tone is very pink


And sometimes its very white


Now, you can blame that on the lighting if you want, but I know a certain red-eating vampire who seems to have mentioned wanting to drink the red from her pretty pink face. 

So there’s that.

her neck is covered in the example shown with white skin


yes i can get behind this

I will ship to my grave

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I’m just your problem.

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